DUST English

DUST (2005)   10'30

'Dust' is a studio composition for 2, 4, 6 or 8 audio channels.
'Dust' is about curtains of dust that find their color when light falls on them.
'Dust' is about small particles torn from an existing structure and placed in a new structure to be marveled at in their new surroundings.
'Dust' is about an infinite number of small things that together form new and enormous structures like drops of water in a downpour and spectacular landscapes.
 ‘Dust’ is about drops of water, showers of rain and rays of sun that illuminate the colors in clouds and curtains of water.
‘Dust’ is about the intimate meetings between minute sounds and massive but distant sound-structures.
‘Dust’ is about Granular Synthesis.
‘Dust’ is about fascination for sound and passion for music and life.
‘Dust’ is a bit about me.
‘Dust’ was premièred on 12 December 2005 in the ‘Muziekgebouw aan het IJ’ in Amsterdam.
‘Dust’ was selected and performed at ICMC2006 in New Orleans.
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