Hans Timmermans began his professional career in the field of physics until his passion for music brought a radical change to his life. His decision to follow music led him in the 1980’s to private piano and music theory lessons and electronic music composition studies with Ton Bruynèl at the Conservatory of Utrecht.


He has been teaching and conducting research projects in music since 1985. In 1992 he was appointed senior lecturer of composition at the HKU - University of the Arts Utrecht where he teaches composition of electronic and computer music. He also teaches composition for modern dance and various technical courses including music software development.


Research activities included collaboration with MEDIATE, a European R&D project, from 2001 – 2004. In this project he created an interactive installation for children with autism. The installation invited explorative behavior of children with autism and ran for 1200 sessions with spectacular results.


His current research is on composition of electroacoustic music and music production technologies; he continues to work on his own composition system cppTK. In addition, he conducts research on creative processes in music composition and composition for modern dance including the specific roles for technology in this context.